R.E.D. Industries remains committed to being at the forefront of developments in the protective coatings industry. Over the past few years there has been an increase in the demand for coatings systems utilising an anti-corrosion primary coat applied by a hot metal spray technique. R.E.D. has been involved in this application technique since the company’s inception and has been nominated by many clients to be the exclusive applicator for several recent projects.

Spray metallising is carried out by R.E.D. using the following materials:

  • Aluminium
  • Zinc-Aluminium
  • Zinc

Metal-sprayed coatings provide the perfect base for protective paint systems, particularly when those specifications have been designed to offer:

  • Extended life
  • Extended periods between maintenance
  • Added protection against specific chemicals
  • A superior surface finish of the substrate material, including the absence of distortions which can sometimes occur when using the traditional galvanising system.